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Pop-up House:

the affordable passive house

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The passive home

A sustainable,
eco friendly choice.

With climate change becoming a more and more serious global reality, we need to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Passive Homes are built with health, sustainability, comfort and energy-efficiency in mind. We utilise the PopUp House system from France, a concept that uses the house’s surrounding environment to make it efficient and effective in producing and conserving energy.

Pebblesunday wants to bring Passive Homes to the Austral-Asia region to redefine life in a world plagued with ever-rising, unbearable temperatures and depleting resources. Each and every person would be contributing to a better world by building or converting their house into a passive home.

Reduce Allergy Triggers:

Passive homes constantly take care of your family.

  • Ordinary homes can pose health risks: mold from moisture in the air, allergens and pollens from outside, pollutants from your appliances (gas ranges, unvented space heaters, etc.), and sudden and huge changes in temperature in the summer and winter.

    Having steady temperatures and humidity control throughout the year greatly lowers health risks such as respiratory problems.

  • With a Pebblesunday Passive Home, this is achieved through a mechanical air ventilation system that consistently brings in fresh air (minus pollutants and allergens) and maintains a steady temperature throughout the year.

    To find out more about
    how a Passive Home works:


The ventilation has two fans, one for blowing out the air that
is inside and one for bringing in and filtering air from
outside. It is constantly blowing in air very gently at low
speed, replacing stale air with filtered, fresh air.

Both airs pass through alternating air passages inside the
ventilator but never mix. Instead, these passages transfer
only the heat from the air inside the house to the incoming
cold air from outside. That same heat then prewarms the
new air, assisting the temperature inside the house to
remain at the same constant comfort level. No sudden
draughts and considerably reduces the need for air conditioning or heaters.

Just fresh clean air 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year!

  • Cold Fresh air from outside

    Fresh oxygen rich air from the outside is pulled into the unit’s advanced filtration system to remove smoke particles, pollen, and other allergens and pollutants.

  • warm stale air from inside

    Moisture, Odors, Allergens, VOCs, CO and CO2 and other indoor air pollutants are pulled into the unit.

  • cool stale indoor air

    After the heat is removed from the stale indor air this air becomes cool and is exhausted outside

  • Energy Recovery core

    Heat from the stale indoor air is transfered through the unit’s core to warm the cold fresh air before it enters the home

  • warm purified air

    Home is filled with fresh, warm, and oxygenated air that has purified and tempered by unit, creating a healthy, efficient and odor free indoor environment.

Interested in

Building your passive home or building?

Pebblesunday loves to be hands-on with clients who want
to build with Passive Design principles. We’ll help you
achieve the high-quality, sustainable, comfortable, and
stunning house of your dreams.

And by the way, passive design is fantastic for commercial
building as well. Especially for schools, child care centres, aged
care homes, and retirement villages. Anywhere that health and
productivity is a high priority.